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Ask an Employment Attorney: When Does a Negative Interaction Cross Over into a Valid Employment Law Claim?

Ask an Employment Attorney: When Does a Negative Interaction Cross Over into a Valid Employment Law Claim?

Ask an Employment Attorney: When Does a Negative Interaction Cross Over into a Valid Employment Law Claim?

Having a poor experience at work is not unusual. Perhaps your employer yelled at you, or your coworkers were hostile and unhelpful. It is conceivable to work in a very miserable environment without being able to make a claim against your employer. Only some forms of employment behavior are prohibited by federal and Californian state law. Discrimination based on sex, religion, race, national origin, or membership in another protected class is included in this.

You might be interested in bringing a case against your company if you have been unfairly treated at work and have been fired, demoted, put on a terrible shift, or in any other way. Consultation with a California discrimination lawyer is the best approach to determine if you might have a case. Keep reading to learn about the factors that might drive an unfortunate situation into a situation in which legal action is necessary.

We will understand your situation during our intake process

An intake form and a consultation are typically the two steps in the intake procedure with an employment law firm. Each of these procedures is crucial in figuring out whether you might have a case against your corporation in court.

You are asked to describe what transpired in intake forms. In order to determine whether your claim is legitimate and whether you might have additional claims against your company, they also ask you questions. These forms typically include several questions about timing, or what occurred when. It’s crucial that you provide the finest possible responses to these inquiries. The statute of limitations is a period of time that most legal claims, including employment law lawsuits, must be filed within. You most likely won’t be able to sue your company if an employment action occurred too long ago.

You may feel that some of the form’s questions are pointless. After all, you might not see the value in revealing how and when you were paid if you think you were the victim of discrimination. A California discrimination lawyer will review these documents to determine whether there are any additional claims in addition to the one you initially approached them about. For instance, in addition to a claim for discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination, you might also have a wage and hour claim if your employer failed to pay you on time or improperly withheld some of your salary.

We will invite you to a consultation if there seems to be a case

You could be invited to speak with a lawyer after submitting the intake form. This phase is equally essential since it offers you the chance to share your tale and the lawyer the chance to interview you and determine whether you have a claim. The law company will notify you of the possibility of a claim against your employer after reviewing your form and examining the details you gave during the session.

Remember that a variety of factors, including the size of your employer, whether there was a violation of state or federal law, whether you signed an agreement that might restrict your rights, and whether you were able to find a new job right away, are taken into consideration when making this assessment. Even while finding out that you have no claim may be unpleasant, it is best to know this up front than investing time and energy in filing a case.

At PLBSH, our team has decades of expertise representing clients in employment law cases involving accusations of harassment, discrimination, and other issues. Reach out to us right away at (800) 435-7542 or info@plbsh.com to set up a consultation with one of our skilled California discrimination lawyers if you feel that you have been subjected to unfair treatment at work.

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