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Can Children Qualify for Social Security Disability in California?

Can Children Qualify for Social Security Disability in California?

Can Children Qualify for Social Security Disability in California?The world of Social Security disability benefits can be complicated. Adults may find the procedure challenging and frustrating, as initial applications are frequently refused (especially those filed without the help of a Social Security Disability benefits attorney), and many people must go through the appeals process.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) considers not just a person’s impairment, but also how that condition affects his or her capacity to conduct meaningful employment for adult applicants. But when the applicant is a kid, how does the SSA make a determination regarding benefits? Keep reading to find out and then contact PLBSH at (800) 435-7542 if you need assistance from an experienced attorney.

A Child’s Ability to Work is Not Considered in an SSA Application

The SSA does not consider a child’s ability to work when evaluating his or her eligibility for benefits since most youngsters do not work. Instead, the SSA consults its List of Impairments first. According to the SSA, the Listing of Impairments is a guideline that lays forth criteria for evaluating individual impairments to see if they fit the SSA’s definition of disability.

While some children fulfill these requirements and are eligible for Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI), many others are not. In certain cases, the SSA will examine the claim more closely to see if the kid fits the SSA’s standards for being disabled.

How the SSA Deems a Child “Handicapped”

To be deemed handicapped by the SSA, a child must exhibit “marked” impairments in two domains or “extreme” limits in one domain out of the six mentioned below. These domains are:

  • Obtaining and Applying Data
  • Attendance and Task Completion
  • Interacting and Relating with Others
  • Object Manipulation and Movement
  • Self-Care: Maintaining Your Health and Physical Well-Being

These domains can represent either mental and physical deficits, or may describe both. Each domain’s title is written in a wide manner. A knowledgeable Social Security Disability benefits attorney can consult with a parent to determine how a child’s limits could fall into a certain area.

For example, if a kid has a mental health condition such as depression, he may be unable to care for himself and have trouble relating to peers as a result. Having a qualified Social Security Disability benefits attorney may assist make the difference in ensuring that your child’s unique medical concerns are appropriately stated to improve his or her chances of getting SSI payments.

Furthermore, supplying the SSA with a treatment record might indicate the severity of your child’s medical issues. If the symptoms of his or her disease have been well-documented over a period of time, it will assist to establish that your child is limited in a certain way. If your kid’s treating doctor or mental health expert can provide an opinion on how these symptoms or a physical condition are connected to a specific area, it can assist you persuade the SSA that your child is disabled and eligible for SSI payments.

You can also contact PLBSH at (800) 435-7542 for help with the legal side of applying for disability.

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