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Everything You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation Injuries Involving Repetitive Motion

Everything You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation Injuries Involving Repetitive Motion

Everything You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation Injuries Involving Repetitive Motion Injuries

Many workers’ compensation lawsuits do not involve single incidents, but rather injuries that have accumulated over time as a result of performing the same task over and over again. Keep reading to learn more about repetitive motion injuries and how they are handled by worker’s compensation coverage, then contact PLBSH at (800) 435-7542 for a consultation with an attorney.

Injuries from repetitive motion in workers’ compensation cases

Most people imagine a significant injury when they think of a workers’ compensation case: a forklift running over a worker’s foot, a chemical burn disfiguring a worker’s face, or a machine severing an employee’s finger. However, many workers’ compensation lawsuits do not involve serious injuries or workplace disasters, and the firm is not always to blame for the workers’ injuries.

Repetitive motion injuries are an example of a sort of workers’ compensation claim that can occur in any employment, without the employer or employee’s fault. Over time, a person may sustain shoulder problems from reaching above frequently, back injuries from taking up heavy goods or leaning over a table, or carpal tunnel syndrome from typing at a computer (possibly the most well-known kind of repetitive stress injury). Whatever the injury, a worker may be entitled to compensation if the condition originated or worsened as a result of their employment.

What are the symptoms of repetitive motion injuries?

One of the most prevalent forms of workers’ compensation injuries is repetitive motion injuries, often known as repetitive stress injuries or cumulative trauma injuries. They might happen whenever a person is required to perform an activity or move over and over again.

Repetitive motion injuries are widespread in assembly lines where employees must repeat the same task over and over, as well as in desk positions where people must sit in one spot all day and write on a keyboard or computer.

A common example of a repetitive motion injury is carpal tunnel syndrome. The compression of the median nerve in the wrist causes excruciating agony. The carpal tunnel is a channel of ligaments and bones through which this nerve runs. This tunnel can expand, producing numbness, discomfort, and tingling by squeezing the nerve. A person’s hand muscles might degenerate without therapy, making it difficult to hold or grasp things or operate with their hands.

Repetitive motion injuries and workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that covers lost earnings and medical expenses for injured workers. It will also cover the cost of continuous medical care once an employee has returned to work. Workers’ compensation will cover almost every injury that happens on the job, even if it was caused by the employee himself.

Proving that a repetitive motion injury occurred while on the job is one of the most difficult components of securing coverage under the workers’ compensation system. There isn’t a single occurrence that can be linked to a work-related injury, unless it’s an accident. A claim for a repetitive motion injury may need a more thorough investigation to establish that it was caused by the employee’s employment.

An employee must demonstrate a link between their handicap or injury and their job duties. This can be accomplished by showing medical evidence that the damage was caused by the person’s employment. The employer (or his insurance) may provide opposing medical expert testimony claiming that the repetitive motion injury was not caused by on-the-job actions. That is why hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to defend you in a claim is critical.

We are experienced in dealing with all sorts of workers’ compensation cases, including those involving repetitive motion injuries, at PLBSH. To book a free consultation and understand how we can help you recover from your workplace accident, call (800) 435-7542.

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