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Case Highlights

Case Highlights

PLBSH has an excellent track record of securing major case victories and millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. Here is just a sample of some of our case highlights.

Personal Injury

$1,675,000 Jury Verdict
Roe v. Doe
An unemployed 30-year old woman was walking with her children on a sidewalk in Riverside when she was struck by a vehicle and killed. She was survived by her husband and three children.

$2,475,281 Jury Verdict
Roe v. Doe Construction Company
Construction accident case against a general contractor and subcontractor. Our client fell from a catwalk, resulting in several lumbar fusions. The subcontractor settled prior to trial for $400,000.

$1,851,120 Cash plus Structured Settlements
Roe v. Doe School
Six female students were molested by a pre-school teacher.

$2,400,000 Jury Verdict
Roe v. Doe Company
Our client was exposed to toulene diissocyanate, resulting in pulmonary dysfunction.

$775,000 Settlement
Roe v. Doe
Slip and fall case against the landlord for defective condition of the steps. Our client, an unemployed 72-year old, suffered neck injuries.

$7,667,532 Cash plus Structured Settlement
Roe v. Doe, et al.
Payout over the expected lifetime of a client who was a passenger injured during a high speed car chase when a company car went over a cliff. Client suffered a spinal injury resulting in quadriplegia. Case had contested liability.

$1,200,000 Jury Verdict and Structured Settlements
Roe v. Doe Company
Auto accident caused by modifications to public streets in preparation for the Long Beach Grand Prix.

$6,400,000 Structured Settlement
Roe v. Doe Company
Payout over expected lifetime of client. Plaintiff was stopped at an intersection while riding a motorscooter and was rear-ended by the defendant resulting in quadriplegia.

$6,000,000 Settlement
Roe v. Doe
Plaintiff was hit by a motor vehicle and suffered a below knee amputation.

Workers Compensation

$500,000 Settlement
Roe v. Doe Company
Extensive back injury to client working at steel mill. All medical expenses paid and over $100,000 in living expenses paid in addition to cash settlement.

$744,500 Settlement
Roe v. Doe Company
Client crushed by forklift (without paralysis). $450,000 cash and $294,000 structured settlement plus paid lifetime medical expenses.

$180,000 Settlement
Roe v. Doe Company
Client had carpal tunnel syndrome of both wrists requiring surgery.

$175,000 Trial Award
Roe v. Doe
Motorcycle escort with fatal injuries caused by traffic accident. Employer was uninsured. Minor son to receive maximum benefits until age 18.

$320,000 Trial Award
Roe. v. Doe
Worker was killed during a robbery while working in a convenience store. Minor children to receive benefits until the age of 18.

$200,000 Settlement
Roe v. Doe
Client, a union carpenter, fell 20 feet from a crane, seriously injuring his back (without paralysis). Received all necessary medical treatment in addition to the settlement.

$200,000 Settlement
Roe v. Doe
Originally having his claim denied, our client suffered a head injury without paralysis or diminished cognitive abilities.

$2 Million Settlement
Roe v. Doe
Client was in an auto accident in the scope of the employee’s course of employment.

$2 Million Settlement
Roe v. Doe
A nurse injured herself while lifting a patient. Due to the injury, client had to have neck surgery and it failed.

$2 Million Settlement
Roe v. Doe
Client suffered a lifting injury to the spine.

California Supreme Court
Roe v. Doe
John was successful in overturning the trial court case where the reviewing court held that employees have the freedom to select their own physician in cases involving industrial injuries, even if the employer has formed a Medical Provider Network. This decision dismantled the restrictive manner in which California Administrative Law courts and insurance carriers had previously applied the provisions of the 2005 reform legislation. Our victory in this case establishes that employers must provide injured workers with notice of their medical provider network. If not, injured workers may treat with a doctor of their own choice at the employer’s expense.

$2 Million Settlement
Roe v. Doe
Client was a nurse and injured herself while lifting a patient. Due to the injury client had to have neck surgery and it failed.

Employment Law

$260,000 Settlement
Overtime Pay
Our client alleged he was misclassified by his employer as exempt from being paid overtime despite working overtime hours and, thus, was owed a significant amount of unpaid wages.

$250,000 Settlement
Sexual Orientation Harassment and Discrimination
Our client alleged he was harassed and discriminated against for being openly gay, and then fired in retaliation for his numerous complaints regarding such treatment.

$1,150,000 Settlement
Religious Discrimination
Our client was a long-term employee who alleged that he was fired by his new supervisor due to his religion.

$275,000 Jury Verdict (plus a request for $500,000 in attorneys’ fees)
Race Harassment and Discrimination
While working at a Korean owned restaurant, our client, a Hispanic waitress making minimum wage, was harassed and discriminated against based on her race. After submitting numerous complaints, our client was terminated in retaliation.

$300,000 Settlement
Disability Discrimination
Our client was a disabled employee who alleged she was terminated because the employer did not want to provide her with reasonable accommodations despite its ability to provide them.

$390,278 Jury Verdict
Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Our client was harassed and discriminated against immediately after his boss, the owner of a medical group, discovered he was gay. After numerous complaints, our client was terminated.

$4,500,000 Class Action Settlement
Overtime Pay
Class action lawsuit against a national custodial and maintenance company that mislabeled employees as “managers” to avoid paying them overtime.

$400,000 Arbitration Award
Racial Discrimination
Our client experienced numerous indignities, including being called the n-word and subjection to racist drawings, including a man being hung from a noose. Our client was terminated after complaining.

$150,000 Settlement
Sexual Harassment
Our client was subjected to sexual innuendos and jokes and ultimately terminated for complaining.

$215,000 Settlement
Disability Discrimination
Our client suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure. Upon requesting reasonable accommodations, the employer began disciplining our client for missing needed time off of work, and ultimately terminated her.

$750,000 Settlement
Age Discrimination
Elderly employees alleged that they were being replaced, because of their age, by significantly younger employees.

$225,000 Jury Verdict (plus a request of $399,000 in attorneys fees)
Pregnancy Discrimination
A single mother working as an associate teacher for a non-profit school was discriminated against after she notified her boss that she was pregnant. Prior to the client’s return date, she was terminated. During the trial it was shown that the school discriminated against the client on the basis of her pregnancy and falsified and manufactured documents. In addition to the economic and emotional distress damages, the jury awarded the client punitive damages.

$1,200,000 Settlement
Sexual Harassment
Client was sexually harassed over a period of years. The company failed to take immediate and corrective action in order to stop the harassment.

$400,000 Settlement
Sexual Harassment
Our client alleged she was being subjected to groping and constant sexual comments and innuendos. She alleged that after she complained about the sexual harassment she was fired in retaliation.

$300,000 Settlement
Sexual Harassment and Assault
Employee was fondled and kissed by a male co-worker without her consent.

$105,000 Settlement
Pregnancy Discrimination
Client notified her supervisor that she was pregnant. Supervisor increased our client’s workload and made derogatory comments about our client being a single mother. Our client complained about the harassment and discrimination and was then fired for false reasons.

$600,000 Settlement
Pregnancy Discrimination
Client was terminated after notifying employer of her pregnancy.

$500,000 Settlement
Disability Discrimination
Client was fired after complaining of disability harassment.

$300,000 Settlement
Disability Discrimination
Employer refused to reasonably accommodate employee.

Disability Denial

$61,647,355 Jury Verdict against Paul Revere and UnumProvident
Disabled venture capitalist sued insurer for denial of disability benefits and bad faith.

$8,600,000 Jury Verdict against Aetna
Client sued for denial of benefits and bad faith after his insurance claim was denied.

$17,300,000 Jury Verdict against General American and Paul Revere
Client saw his disability insurance benefits terminated sued the insurance companies for bad faith.

$84,000,000 Jury Verdict against Paul Revere, et al.
A cardiologist sued the insurance giants after benefits were terminated in bad faith.

Confidential Settlement against UnumProvident

Insured sued for bad faith after benefits under a disability insurance policy were terminated.

$2,950,000 Jury Verdict against Paul Revere Life Ins. Co., et al.
Disabled stockbroker sued after benefits were terminated in bad faith from own occupation disability insurance policy.

$16,500,000 Jury Verdict against Aetna
Client sued for denial of benefits and bad faith after her claim was denied.

Product Liability


Before Vioxx® was taken off the market, it was one of the world’s most popular anti-inflammatory drugs. We successfully represented hundreds of injured clients, obtaining significant recoveries for heart attack and stroke victims.

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Ford™ Rollover Accidents

Ford Explorers™, Ford Expeditions™, Ford F-150™ trucks, and other Ford™ SUVs and trucks involved in rollover accidents while equipped with recalled Firestone tires. Our firm successfully concluded 34 Ford/Firestone rollover cases.

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