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Have You Been Exposed to Toxic Chemicals? You May Have Legal Recourse

Have You Been Exposed to Toxic Chemicals? You May Have Legal Recourse

Have You Been Exposed to Toxic Chemicals? You May Have Legal Recourse

If you have been exposed to toxic chemicals at your work place, it is entirely likely that you have legal resource for any damages you have suffered through. Whether it happened a single time or you were consistently exposed to dangerous and toxic chemicals, it is right to want to hold someone responsible. At PLBSH we can help ensure you are able to do just that.

When It Comes to Winning a Toxic Chemical Exposure Workers Compensation Claim It is All About Causation

Generally speaking, if you are injured on the job you will make a claim for workers’ compensation through the insurance company of your employer. Their coverage can help pay medical bills and can replace some of your lost wages.

One of the best things about using workers compensation insurance is that there is no need to prove who was at fault for the exposure. It does not matter if your employer followed all rules, laws, and protocol and took every adequate safety precaution – if you were injured at work then workers compensation should cover you. Likewise, even if the exposure was due to you breaking protocol by not wearing gear, as long as it happened at work, workers’ compensation covers you.

If you have suffered an injury that was obviously the result of the toxic exposure, such as a chemical burn, then it is generally fairly simple to show that the injury happened at work. What can get complicated is an injury that happened over time. for example, if a person is exposed to toxic chemicals and develops cancer as a result, it is not as cut and dry to prove causation.

The good news is that at PLBSH we have the skills, resources, and experience to thoroughly investigate your claim. We can gather and present evidence to show the link between your injury and your job.

You Have Options for Compensation

In the event that your employer was negligent and that lead to your exposure, or a product was defective and exposed you to dangerous chemicals, then a personal injury claim may make more sense. This is more difficult to prove because we must prove liability, but you can potentially recover for all of your damages. For example, you cannot be awarded pain and suffering damages on a workers’ compensation claim but you can on a personal injury claim.

If you have been injured at work, or in another location, by toxic chemicals then it is worth a call to PLBSH to find out how we can help. Reach out at (800) 435-7542 and request a free legal consultation to discover what your options are.

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