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Have You Been Wrongfully Terminated? Learn What Your Rights Are

Have You Been Wrongfully Terminated? Learn What Your Rights Are

Have You Been Wrongfully Terminated? Learn What Your Rights Are

It is never easy to lose a job, but when you have been wrongfully terminated it is even harder to deal with. While we cannot take away the emotional turmoil of having been fired, at PLBSH we may be able to help you get legal justice and compensation for your losses. Keep reading to learn more and then contact us at (800) 435-7542 if you would like a legal consultation.

There Are Limits to “At Will” Employment

Many people know that California is a state in which most employment is at-will. This allows an employment contract to be dismissed by either the employer or employed at any time for any reason – or not reason at all. That said, there are exceptions. You cannot be fired for an unlawful reason. There are many types of firings that can fall under that umbrella, the most common of which are discrimination, violation of public policy, and retaliation.

Discrimination is Not a Legal Cause for Termination

Both state and federal law protect workers from being fired purely because they are over the age of 40, their sexual orientation, sexual identity, or sexual expression, their race or color, their pregnancy status, their sex or gender, their religion, or their marital status. You also cannot legally be fired solely due to the fact that you have a disability or due to your nationality.

Retaliation is Not a Legal Cause for Termination

You have a right to take part in specific legal, protected activities without being fired, demoted, or retaliated against in another way by your employer. Examples of these protected activities including taking family leave due to pregnancy, filing a wage / hour claim, taking family or medical leave, filing a claim of harassment or discrimination, reporting a safety violation, or reporting sexual abuse.

It is a Violation of Public Policy to Terminate an Employee for Reporting What They Believe is Illegal

In the event that a workers reports to their employer something that they believe is illegal conduct and / or illegal business practices, it is not legal to fire them as a result. This is what’s known as “violation of public policy.” It includes serving in the military, taking time off for jury service, taking time off to vote, taking advantage of customers, whistleblowing, harassment, discrimination, fraud, unsafe work conditions, etc.

An Attorney Can Help You Fight Your Wrongful Termination

Have you been wrongfully terminated? Do you want to take action? Do you want to hold the company accountable and recover compensation for your damages? Then you want to contact PLBSH at (800) 435-7542 today for your free legal consultation.

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