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Is It Worth Hiring an Employment Law Attorney to Help with Your Claim? Learn Why It Most Likely Is

Is It Worth Hiring an Employment Law Attorney to Help with Your Claim? Learn Why It Most Likely Is

Is It Worth Hiring an Employment Law Attorney to Help with Your Claim? Learn Why It Most Likely Is

After conducting a short Google search, you might assume that you already know what to do if you have encountered any form of unlawful behavior at work, such as harassment, retaliation, or discrimination. Often, it appears straightforward: just submit a complaint here, check a few boxes, and you’re done.

But the truth is that employment law is a very complicated area of the law, so in many situations, engaging a knowledgeable employment lawyer to assist you evaluate whether you have a case and then to fight for your rights is your best option.

You should consult an employment lawyer rather than attempting to handle the situation on your own for a variety of reasons. Keep reading to learn about those reasons and then contact PLBSH at (800) 435-7542 to request a free legal consultation.

An employment law attorney can assure all deadlines and prerequisites are met

There are a variety of prerequisites that must be satisfied before filing claims in employment law, as well as deadlines that must be met. These requirements and dates might be complicated, so having a knowledgeable employment lawyer on your side helps ensure that you don’t overlook a crucial prerequisite.

Employment law is complex, and there are numerous statutes that you might not be aware of unless you speak with an experienced employment lawyer. In a similar vein, you might think that the law does not allow you to pursue your claim. Your case will be strong if you work with a lawyer.

You will have a strong negotiator on your side

Many employers have a team of lawyers to handle employment law claims and other cases, and they won’t take you seriously if you don’t have a lawyer to represent you in employment law matters. Additionally, an attorney can assist you in making the best possible case for reimbursement.

You should speak with an employment law attorney as soon as you can in a variety of circumstances, such as if your employer threatens legal action against you or asks you to sign a document that you do not fully understand (such as a noncompete agreement, employment agreement, or arbitration agreement).

An attorney can help you determine if you have a strong case

In other situations, you might wish to find out if you have a case against your employer by speaking with an experienced employment lawyer. This applies, for example, if you feel that you are not receiving all of the money you are due or that your status as an independent contractor or someone who is exempt from overtime pay has been incorrectly determined.

You might also want to speak with an employment lawyer if you think your employer has breached any employment laws, if you’ve experienced harassment or discrimination, or if you’ve been the victim of retaliation after reporting discrimination or an illegal action taken by your company. He or she can look over the details of your situation and assist you in deciding whether it makes sense to pursue a legal lawsuit.

PLBSH is dedicated to assisting workers in obtaining justice. Our team of lawyers and specialists has worked with workers who have been subjected to harassment, discrimination, wage theft, retaliation, and other workplace abuses for more than 40 years. Call (800) 435-7542 or email info@plbsh.com right once to arrange a meeting with a member of our staff.

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