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Jury Orders Johnson & Johnson to Pay $72 Million for Talcum Powder Claim

Jury Orders Johnson & Johnson to Pay $72 Million for Talcum Powder Claim

A jury in St. Louis has ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $72 million in compensatory and punitive damages to the family of a 62-year-old woman who died after developing ovarian cancer after nearly 50 years of using J&J talcum powder. The family’s arguments that Johnson & Johnson knew of the link between their baby powder and ovarian cancer were found persuasive to the jury. The family’s attorneys presented internal J&J documents showing the company was aware of the cancer link.

Johnson & Johnson argued that their product was safe, stating that talc is used in lots of different cosmetic products. Scientifically, talc is known as hydrated magnesium silicate, a combination of hydrogen, oxygen, magnesium, and silicon. It is found naturally in several states and is mined by several companies. Talc is commonly used to absorb moisture, the main purpose of Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder. However, after several years of use, studies have suggested that talcum powder can travel into a woman’s reproductive system. One of the internal documents presented detailed how investigators found talc particles in ovarian tissue and in tumors.

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