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Learn What Your Options Are if You Were Injured at Work and Are Not Covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Learn What Your Options Are if You Were Injured at Work and Are Not Covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Learn What Your Options Are if You Were Injured at Work and Are Not Covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance

There is nothing good about suffering an accident injury. Along with the stress of the actual event, there are frequently medical costs, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages. Insurance may give you the means to get through this period, depending on the circumstances of the event.

Workers’ compensation insurance covers you if you have an injury at work. Workers’ compensation insurance offers a wide range of advantages, allowing you to concentrate entirely on your rehabilitation. These advantages include the reimbursement of medical expenses, the costs of continued care, and any lost income. However, what should you do if you find out your company is not covered by workers’ compensation insurance? Keep reading to find out and then contact PLBSH at (800) 435-7542 to request a consultation.

How to bring a claim without workers’ compensation insurance

A workers’ compensation claim is the first step in the majority of situations involving workers’ compensation, and it enables the injured person to engage with their employer’s insurance provider to get the payments they are due. However, the employee has the choice to sue the employer in civil court if there is no insurance provider through which to resolve disputes.

Make sure you have proof that your company did not have workers’ compensation insurance at the time the incident occurred before proceeding. Depending on your unique situation, an attorney can help you determine the best course of action and ensure that you are well equipped.

Without workers’ compensation insurance, businesses in the state of California are not permitted to function, which means that in addition to having to pay for your benefits, your employer may also be held legally liable. Failure to maintain the required insurance can result in fines and jail time, among other consequences. To prevent future employees from going through the same difficulties, employers must also obtain insurance before they can continue to operate.

What happens if your employer can’t pay the bills?

Individuals who have suffered a workplace accident are still entitled to compensation for their linked costs, regardless of your employer’s financial status. The required money might be temporarily given by the state if your employer is unable to fulfill the expenditures. The Uninsured Employers Benefit Trust Fund is the entity in charge of this (UEBTF).

It’s crucial to remember that this is not an automated or judicially ordered procedure. Instead, the employee must file a formal request together with all necessary supporting papers in order to obtain the cash from the UEBTF. You may be confident that choosing to engage with the UEBTF to get your benefits won’t have any detrimental effects on your case against your employer. They will eventually be required to reimburse the UEBTF since they are ultimately still responsible for those costs.

Trust a skilled lawyer to protect your benefits

It is not easy to file a claim against your company in order to get benefits. You have to worry about getting the right proof to proceed, but you also have to worry about defending yourself against claims made by your employer who could try to cast doubt on your injury. The issue of paperwork is another.

You must assemble substantial packets of paperwork, including your claim form, bills, proof of employment, reports showing the absence of workers’ compensation insurance, and more, in order to apply for temporary help from the UEBTF. And you have to do that as you work to heal your wound. It may very easily turn into an overpowering experience, and you could begin to question if it’s even worthwhile to pursue.

Working with an experienced personal injury and employment law attorney is the best solution to this issue. Contact PLBSH at (800) 435-7542 to learn how we can help you.

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