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Most Common Types of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Most Common Types of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Most Common Types of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workplace injuries happen in every industry, from a slip and fall at a restaurant to a serious burn suffered at a manufacturing plant. According to the most recent data compiled by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, private sector employers reported nearly three million nonfatal work-related injuries per year, which translates into 2.9 work-related injuries for every 100 full-time workers.

The most common types of workers’ compensation claims cover a wide variety of ailments.

Strains and Sprains

Improperly lifting a box full of toys is all it takes for an employee to suffer a back strain. Pivoting the wrong way on a warehouse floor can trigger a ligament sprain in one of your knees. Strains and sprains represent the most common type of workplace injury. Employers should focus on limiting these common types of workers’ compensation claims by following the ergonomic guidelines published by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).


Deep cuts or large tears of the skin can lead to profuse bleeding that requires immediate medical attention. Industries that experience the highest rate of laceration injuries include restaurants, manufacturing facilities, and auto repair shops. Lacerations can be the result of workers’ rushing through a job to meet a tight deadline. However, most causes of lacerations are the lack of safety gear, as well as the tools and equipment that are left unattended in the workplace.


Bruises develop when blood traps under the skin. This type of injury often goes unreported, with the potential for a relatively minor bruise injury to develop into a full-blown medical tsunami. Bruises occur because of many reasons, with bumping into stationary objects and incorrectly lifting objects the two leading candidates that cause this type of injury. Organizing a workplace to minimize contact with stationary objects is an effective way to minimize bruises.

Broken Bones

A fractured bone can lead to serious healthcare consequences that require emergency medical care. Although fractures are often associated with physically demanding jobs, they can happen in virtually every type of work environment. Extensive and ongoing workplace safety training can limit the incidence of fractured bones, as well as attentive supervision for high-risk jobs in industries like construction and manufacturing.


It is not just a flame that can produce a burn injury. Employees that handle toxic chemicals or are exposed to UV rays for a prolonged period can also suffer burn injuries as well. Burn injuries can happen just about in every work environment, from a cook burning her hands on a stove to a laundromat employee accidentally touching a red-hot iron. Burn injuries can require emergency medical care, which substantially increases the premiums paid by an employer to a workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Repetitive Motion

Some work-related injuries take considerable time to develop, as is the case with repetitive motion injuries. Employees that use the same hand and wrist muscles throughout every workday are especially vulnerable to developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Receiving workers’ comp for a repetitive motion injury involves keeping a record of how the symptoms feel, as well as getting prompt medical care when the symptoms develop into debilitating pain.

Knowing about the most common types of workers’ compensation claims is just one factor in getting a claim approved. The key to receiving compensation for a workplace injury is to work closely with a California workers’ comp attorney.

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