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Most Workers’ Compensation Lawsuits Settle: Learn What Your Settlement Could Include

Most Workers’ Compensation Lawsuits Settle: Learn What Your Settlement Could Include

Most Workers’ Compensation Lawsuits Settle: Learn What Your Settlement Could Include Workers’ compensation disputes may not always resolve amicably. However, according to Illinois data, about 90% of the lawsuits do end up being settled. Less than 5% of workers’ compensation cases go to trial.

Similar percentages of cases are dismissed or rejected without review. Some workers’ compensation claims are not disputed by the employer. However, settlements of claims can still provide victims of occupational accidents with fair compensation.

If you are hesitating to bring a case because you do not want to deal with a long court trial, then you should know how rare this actually is. Contact PLBSH at (800) 435-7542 now if you require a free legal consultation with an employment law attorney.

How many workers’ compensation lawsuits are resolved outside of court?

Approximately 90% of workers’ compensation claims result in an out-of-court settlement, according to one survey. There are many potential outcomes to cases, including:

  • The claim is denied and the worker does not appeal or contest the denial
  • The employer pays the claim without contesting it
  • The employer’s insurer and the worker reach a resolution
  • A mediator or arbitrator assists the parties in reaching a resolution
  • A magistrate hears the case and renders a decision
  • One of the parties appeals the magistrate’s decision
  • A workers’ compensation hearing board or commission renders a decision

Not every state compiles statistics on the outcomes of workers’ compensation lawsuits. However, those that do demonstrate that the vast majority of disputes are resolved out of court.

Increase your chances of a positive outcome to your workers’ compensation case

Obtaining legal representation from a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney from a reputed law company is the best way to guarantee that you receive a reasonable settlement offer. Victims who have sustained a work-related injury can obtain the workers’ compensation payments they are entitled to by forming an attorney-client relationship with a workers’ compensation attorney and seeking their legal counsel.

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