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  • Employment Law:
    I was referred to Perona, Langer, Beck, Serbin and Harrison by another law firm since they specialized in work related litigation. I personally dealt with Brennan Kahn and Todd Harrison. In my opinion they were top notch and really took the time to understand my case and the issues I had. Mr. Kahn really knows the specifics of his area of law and was able to utilize it when really necessary. They were by my side the whole way and really fought for me. Needless to say I was more then pleased with the outcome. So if you are looking for hard nosed attorneys that won't back down you found your law firm.


  • I recently had an employment case that wrapped up with Todd and Brennan. It was a very, very difficult case and my ex employer in the beginning said they would never pay a dime. Todd and Brennan fought for almost two years, wore them down and got me a great result. Even better, my ex employer changed its policies so what happened to me won't happen again to anyone else. I was extremely impressed. They are amazing attorneys who exceeded even my high expectations and I would recommend them to anyone who needs someone to really fight for them. They totally did for me!

    Hannie T.

  • Employment Law:
    Todd Harrison and Brennan Kahn were my trusted attorneys in my retaliation and sexual harassment case against my former employer. The case has recently come to an end and couldn't be more pleased with the outcome... these guys are VERY good at what they do!
    Despite the challenges that were thrown our way, their professionalism, patience and expertise knocked my expectations out of the park. These guys really fought for me and the genuine care that was shown to expose wrong doing by my former employer really comforted me throughout the entire process.

    I highly recommend working with this firm!


  • Employment Law:
    Just had my Civil Case finalized, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome of the case. From the onset, Attorney Todd Harrison made me feel welcomed, took the time to listen to my complaint, and judged the case accordingly allowing me to make an educated decision based on his opinion. After a year of litigation and due diligence from Attorney Todd Harrison, Raquel Cruz, and legal team, my case closed with a win and earned me more money than what I anticipated from the defense. In closing, I highly recommend this team and Law Firm to anyone with a legal problem...Special thanks to Todd Harrison, Raquel Cruz, and their highly trained legal team Elizabeth, and Veronica.


    Sal A.
    U.S. Marine Veteran

    Sal A.

  • If you really need help with employment and labor laws, this is the firm to ask... Professional, responsive, very experienced and easy to deal with. Raquel Cruz has been outstanding in every way... Thank You.

    Radu Luican

  • They are very friendly and helpful. Thus law group will fight for you day and night. They always keep you updated on the status of your case. I recomend them. If your looking for a law group that'll fight for you here they are.

    Chase Maurer

  • I am very pleased with the professionalism and attentiveness this law firm gave me throughout my Worker's Comp case. I was very pleased with the results of my case.

    La Shanda S.

  • I don't usually take the time to give reviews on Yelp, but I wanted to personally thank Attorney Patrick Hawkins and his team (Adrianna, Hilda, Marlene) for handling my workers comp case in such a professional manner! After 3 years of litigation, I am very happy to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the outcome. There were times through-out these 3 years that I actually felt like giving up! My injuries were quite substantial, and the pain I went through after my surgeries was something I would never want to go through again. But thanks to PLBSH and their diligence and persistence I can say I am so glad I didn't give up on myself or them!!

    I am a nurse and now I'm back to work in a position that I LOVE even more than the position I had before this whole ordeal started. When my husband and I met Patrick Hawkins at a hearing for the first time, he was the most professionally dressed and had the best etiquette out of all the attorneys we saw there that day! When he walked into the room, I thought to myself "Could I be so lucky for this man to be my attorney?" And YES he was! We were so impressed by the amount of knowledge he had about my case, and how he worked so professionally with the defense for the best possible outcome. Again, THANK YOU Patrick Hawkins and his team for not giving up on me when I was ready to give up on myself!!!

    Lisa F.

  • I would definitely recommend this lawfirm.
    Not only will you have to have patience for any type of law case. but they really follow through and try hard on winning your case.
    Everyone's professional.
    My attorney and his assistant were very thorough on giving information.
    You won't regret the help.

    Heather D.

  • My husband had a case with his previous employer for a back injury. This law firm took care of everything and the case was settled before my husband had to attend any hearing, etc. This law firm knows exactly what they are doing 100% and will guide you all along the way. They are highly recommended!!!

    Cecilia Bridenhagen

  • Best law office.

    Freddye Flores

  • Very professional. It was a pleasure doing business with them.

    Pook Pook

  • These attorneys are awesome. I would recommend and use them again . They are professional,courteous and extremely competent. They won my case and I am more than happy.

    Trina Williams

  • This firm handled my worker's comp claim from start to finish after it was initially denied by the insurance company, and overall I was very happy with the result. Jerry appeared at my hearing and Lenny walked me through all of the documents and settlement options at the Long Beach board. I chose to settle my case to avoid going to more doctors, and because I settled pretty early I got a fairly good deal for my % disability. I initially agreed to $15k but asked them to work their magic and see what can happen. I was really happy when Lenny sat me down and explained they were able to get $20,000 to buy out the claim. These guys know what they're doing. It is true that the lawyers are sometimes hard to get ahold of directly, but after Lenny explained the reason, I completely understand why. Since this firm represents applicants, every communication they with clients have must be documented so that there is a written record in case any legal dispute comes up. This is why every call is routed through the office. Regardless, I've never had a problem with the office staff, and they have been able to answer all of my questions quickly and accurately.

    Ryan B.

  • I hired this firm to represent me on my worker's compensation case, as I was recommended by a friend who was previously represented by the them. I previously had another case a while back, so I knew what basically to expect during the process, but the people at the office gave me an in depth understanding of the process again. Although there wasn't a lot of communication while I was receiving treatment, I never once felt out of the loop since they explained the process of a workers compensation case to me. To my surprise, I was actually able to wrap up my case a lot faster than my previous case.

    The attorneys that work for this firm are professional, understanding, and most importantly knowledgeable. My attorney did a great job at my hearing, and explained every option that I had, and at no time did I feel that I was being rushed or forced into something I wasn't comfortable with, which was the case in my previous case with another firm. I was actually given a lot of time to weigh my options, and when I was ready I just met him at his office to sign documents, and he took care of everything in court without me having to go down there again. THANKS!!!

    Steven C.

  • As a person who has dealt with a lot of different law firms for personal injury and worker's compensation cases, I highly recommend the Law Offices of John Mendoza and Perona, Langer as the firm to represent you. Have no doubt, PLBSM will get you the settlement that you deserve in a timely manner, answer any questions that you may have, and put you at ease during the whole process. The lawyers who worked my case, Jonathan and Lenny, were very professional, understanding, and fought hard to get me back on my feet. I also spoke with Adriana and Ivan various times during the process and both were always pleasant and helpful. I know these guys will put the extra effort to make sure their clients get the best possible settlement for the injuries sustained. I've personally seen how hard this law firm fights the insurance companies for a fair settlement, no matter how big or small the case. Look no further if you need worker's comp or personal injury representation!

    Igor L.

  • Jerry at PLBSH is such a great attorney. He really cares about his clients and will go the extra mile to make sure you walk away whole. At my hearing, Jerry met with me and explained the entire process, my best options, and what I could expect to happen that day. I was waiting in the lobby after we spoke, when another attorney, Lenny, came to speak with me about a potential settlement offer when Jerry was caught up in a trial. I was very happy that they didn't keep me waiting all day. Lenny explained that the offer I got was fair, but that he and Jerry thought I could get some more money, especially because I had out-of-pocket expenses. After that, Lenny was running back and forth to the insurance lawyers trying to get me the best possible deal. I walked away with 30% more money than what was first offered! I also want to say that the staff I spoke with on the phone also treated me professionally and never rushed me off the phone even when I had a hundred questions about my case. I trusted this firm to get me through a very tough time, and I am happy and relieved to say I made the right choice!

    Hassan H.

  • I was fired by my previous attorney who did not return calls, used profanity and screamed when he did respond to a call or email. He didn't do anything for me. He agreed to a QME who sided with the worker comp carrier and left me hanging when I was suppose to have a deposition. I called Larry H. Parker and was called back by Jonathan Brian with PLBSH. They immediately took my case and offered to come to my home the next day. This was in March of 2015 an they took care of everything. I had used the other attorney for more then a year with no results. Within a month I had an appointment to see Dr. Amir Friedman (great Doctor) and was scheduled for a deposition and a hearing with the Long Beach DWC office. Whenever I called I spoke with someone who was familiar with my case and could answer all of my questions and addressed my concerns. On my hearing date Jonathan met me in Long Beach and handled everything without me appearing before the judge and made me feel at ease with his professional manner and appearance. I would recommend Larry H Parker and this law firm to everyone. My original attorney was horrible and extremely unprofessional.

    Deb B.

  • Great attorney firm! I was treated with respect. My attorney Alvin Chang is very professional and very helpful. My experience with the office was awesome. Lizeth is awesome. She always returned my calls.

    MB M.

  • Perona Langer represented my aunt in her worker's compensation claim and I was by her side through the whole process. The workers' comp attorneys at Perona Langer are all super smart, energetic and understanding. That being said, the entire worker's compensation process is a waiting game. You have to get an appointment with a doctor, wait for that doctor's report, then get an appointment with another doctor, and wait for that doctor's report, etc. These nuances can take months to complete, and the attorneys have no control over how long the doctors take to do their part, or how long it takes to find an in-network doctor in the first place. The attorney on our case explained this entire process when we came in to sign the retainer, so we knew what to expect. They also kept us in the loop about important steps in the process. Every time either my aunt or I did call, we were greeted politely and our questions were answered quickly and thoroughly. The only time the office staff could not answer my question, one of the attorneys returned my call on the same day. Overall, I think the process was very transparent, and we were always treated with respect.

    We ended up agreeing to settle the claim for $10,000 because my aunt did not want to prolong the case any further and we all wanted to get on with our lives. On the day we came in to sign the paperwork, our lawyer sat us down and told us that he got my aunt an extra $2,500 to compensate for our mileage and help out with our overdue bills! This was a great surprise and a very happy end to a very unhappy situation. I would recommend this firm to anyone who needs a workers comp lawyer! Just remember to read your retainer and most of your questions will be answered outright. Thank you!

    Chrissy M.

  • I was injured at work on 2-20-2008 and recently, finally settled. I fired my previous attorney and I hired Larry H. Parker/PLBSM handle the task and take over my case. Workers Compensation is a broken system, not too much fun. I am as happy with my settlement as I can be since my awarded settlement has stipulations at no fault of the the firm. I am, however, extremely pleased with how Jennie Kim closed my case and answered my all of my questions. She is efficient, knowledgeable and will get you information if she doesn't know. Jennie made my exit from the Workers Compensation system a smoother transition. I highly recommend Jennie Kim.

    Jeff H.

  • Attorney Patrick Hawkins at Perona Lager in Long Beach, Ca. represented me in a workers comp case. Patrick was professional, patient. He and his team took care of business made sure I was taken care of. Patrick made sure he got the best care and made sure I was compensated to the fullest extent. Patrick and everyone on his team I interacted with at the firm were amazing. Adriana made sure my questions were answered anytime I called and I wish I could remember the person who assisted me at the deposition I think his name was Roy or Rory he didn't take no BS from the other side, they all fought hard for me. I highly recommend Patrick and his team they are fighters.

    Your all AWESOME!

    Thank you all so much for all of your help and patience.

    Victor Garcia

    Victor G.

  • As an aid for a school district, I was helping a young child who was special needs when suddenly he became extremely difficult, and pulled me down to the ground dislocating my shoulder. I was seriously injured and contacted the Law Offices of Perona, Langer, Beck. They handled my workers comp claim so I wouldn't have to do any of the work. My attorney Jonathan Brian was very knowledgeable and helped make sure I received the compensation I deserved. The workers comp system does take time, but in the end I was very pleased and would definitely recommend contacting this firm if you are ever injured as a result of an accident.

    Mari H.

  • I was injured at work in 2013 wasn't happy with the way the insurance company was treating me I call Larry H Parker I was referred to this law firm I saw an attorney in the same day I was assigned a new doctor and more physical therapy which was needed my attorney's name was Eric Schwartz I saw him he's going to court he was very informative and very efficient. Whenever I have a question someone always return my call. and they help me get a good settlement.

    Maurice M.

  • Let me start by saying THANK YOU to all of you for your commitment, professionalism and your dedication in helping me with my case, It took almost 4 years to complete but i NEVER felt like i didn't know what was going on with my case. I was always kept informed and i ALWAYS felt you had my best interest in mind. There were so many of you who helped along the way and i want each and every one of you to know how much i appreciate you. I would and will recommend you to anyone who needs legal guidance in navigating the complex and convoluted system of Workmans Comp litigation. A special appreciation goes out to Jerry, Craig, Eric and Patrick for your legal help. You and your ancillary staff are AWESOME......Thank you again

    Brent L.

  • After being hurt on my job, I contacted a law firm that I felt through me under the bus. he was fired immediately after my deposition. I then contacted Larry Parker and the PLBSM team was in contact with me in a short time to discuss my case, due to my injuries they sent a messenger to my home he took all needed information, and we where off and running. When I had questions, Michelle was there to answer. Several years later my case was finally settled, I received a call from Patrick Hawkins from the court room, he stated, "They had an offer".
    I explained "I wasn't happy with that offer". Patrick stated, " give me some time, I'I counter offer", and to my surprise I received more than I ever expected. Thanks be to God. Patrick Hawkins is so awesome, along with being informative and professional. Thank you for a job well done and yes I will refer family and friends.

    Madeline A.

  • Jenny was great help fast, straight forward, and down to earth. I would definitely recommend this law firm to someone else.

    Anthony G.

  • I'm very satisfied with the way they handled my case. Nicole was always helpful when I needed help.

    They always returned my calls within a couple of hours and never left me hanging.

    I would recommend them to any of my family and friends.

    Anthony R.

  • Solid company of hard working teams. For personal injury I've referred several friends and employees to them. They've told me they were looked after and well taken care of.

    Insurance companies are going to settle for as low as they can. If you have a case, PLBSM works to get as much out of the insurance companies as they can. They've been at it for a long time, so they have a good idea what cases are worth at the start and good at evaluating them.

    If you don't have a case or it is a small matter it isn't worth calling a law firm. But, if you can't get what you should from the insurance company, these guys fight for every dime (after that's how they get paid). So it is in their self interest to get as much as possible.

    Not only that but they referrer to reputable auto body shops so repairs are done properly.

    Anyway, I continue to refer folks there when the need arrises.

    Loote R.

  • is a good firm and really well handled case and will highly recommend the,m from my point of view

    George S.

  • Recently had a workers comp attorney from this firm. Patrick H. Was amazing!! I am very satisfied with the service that was provided. Thank you Patrick

    Wendy A.

  • I have worked all my life and was with my last employer for almost 40 years. When I could no longer perform my job duties, I filed for social security disability benefits. I was denied, and later found out you should have an attorney represent you.

    There are a lot firms that specialize in social security disability claims, and their fees are pretty much the same...if you don't don't pay

    I called several of these firms and after explaining I had been denied and needed to file an appeal...was immediately turned down without being told why. I assumed it was because there was more work involved with an appeal, but the fee would still be the same as filing a first time claim.

    I was ready to give up but decided to make one more call. This time I called Perona, Langer, Beck, Serbin and Harrison. I spoke with their representative who was very friendly and politely listened to my problem. I was quite surprised (and happy) when he suggested that we sit down and go over the information that I had. He gave me the option of coming to their office or having someone come to my home. After meeting with them they told me they would gladly handle my case.

    I was so relieved, they totally took over and handled all the forms and paperwork involved with the appeal. The only thing I needed to worry about was taking care of my health.

    They kept me informed of what was going on with my case. If at anytime I had any questions, all I had to do was call. When I did call I either spoke with someone right away or they would return my call within the time they said they would.

    When it came time for my hearing I was a little nervous. My attorney, William Carr, was amazing. He not only made me feel at ease....but I felt like he was fighting for me as much as he would for his own mother, that I was not just another client.

    Long story short...I was awarded everything that I had asked for and entitled to. I would highly recommend them to anybody. If they did that good on a case that no one else wanted to handle, I imagine they would handle first time claims much better than the other firms who rather pick and choose. I wish I had gone to them in the beginning and wouldn't have suffered the worries and stress of being denied.

    Everyone at the firm was so polite, friendly and very helpful, just to name a few....William Carr, Jonathan, Blair, and Jose Flores. THANK YOU so much for all your help.

    Mary L.

  • I contacted this firm after my company vehicle accident, I had a concussion and dislocated shoulder with back issues. I had miss Jenny handling my case and I can say that I was please with her work ethics and was professional the whole time. I highly recommend this firm for any one that is looking for a good lawyer to help them with their case.

    Louie M.

  • I was so satisfied with the way that things went with my case, that i have recommended 2 other people that needed a Personal Injury Lawyer.

    Larry K.

  • Tod Harrison did a lot of work helping me with my SSDI/SSI claim from my 1st filing through 2 denials to my Hearing with a Judge who approved my Disability Claim. Was a little bit of a long haul but they stuck with me.

    I am very satisfied with this Law firm and defiantly use them again if I ever have a need to. I highly recommend them.

    I know they are listed under Employment Law but as you can see they do more than that. go to their website and see what other areas they cover.

    Steve S.

  • I highly recommend going to Alvin Chang and the amazing dedicated staff: Karina, Nuris Estrada and Lizet Nuñez. They helped us in a lawsuit. They took charge and kept us up to date on every single thing happening. We are so grateful for each and everyone of them. They know what they are doing and are very professional. We are forever thankful for everything you guys did and continue to do for us.

    From the Aguiar Family

    Josefina A.

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