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US Women’s Soccer Team Claims Gender Discrimination in Wages

US Women’s Soccer Team Claims Gender Discrimination in Wages

A wage discrimination claim was filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Center (EEOC) by members of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team, pointing to documents that the Men’s National Soccer Team members were paid around 300% more in wages. The complaint wasfiled against the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and uses the USSF’s own documents to show the pay disparity. Those documents also show that the women’s team generated almost $20 million more in revenue than the men’s team.

According to the EEOC filings, the way the two teams are paid are completely different. Both teams are required to play 20 friendly matches per year. Women are paid $3,600 per game, with a bonus of $1,350 if they win the match. Men are paid $5,000 if they lose a friendly and up to $17,625 if they win. The differences become more pronounced for World Cup matches, with bonus potential for the men being much higher than the women. Even ticket revenue favors the men’s team by paying them $0.30 more per ticket sold.

See the full news story here.

Most claims of gender wage discrimination are not on this scale and almost never reach this level of publicity. Perona, Langer, Beck, Serbin and Harrison’s dedicated team of employment law attorneys has a history of success pursuing claims of wage claims. We are committed to fighting employers who take advantage of their workers. Our Attorneys believe in leveling the playing field and giving everyone who has been damaged a voice in the justice system. If you believe you are being paid less for your job due to your gender, age, or race then contact us at (800) 435-7542 for a free and confidential consultation. Visit our employment law website for more information on employment laws. We can help you get through this.

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