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What to Ask Before Contacting a Social Security Disability Lawyer

What to Ask Before Contacting a Social Security Disability Lawyer

These two questions can help you make a smart decision about applying for benefits.

What to Ask Before Contacting a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Social Security disability benefits are designed to help those Americans who are unable to work due to a disability with cash benefits. They can be tremendously important for anyone with a disability, yet qualifying for these types of benefits can be challenging. The process is complex, and working with a Social Security disability lawyer is often the best way to be approved. That being said, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself before contacting an attorney.

The first question to ask is whether you are unable to work at any job making $1,180 or month on a regular or continuing basis for a year or longer. Think about what makes you believe that your illness or injury makes you unable to work in this way. If you cannot answer that question, then you likely will not be able to submit a successful Social Security disability benefits application. In other words, if your disability does not render you unable to work for a year or longer, then even an application submitted by a skilled Social Security disability lawyer will not likely succeed.

Under the standards set forth for Social Security disability benefits, an applicant must not be able to work at any job on a regular or continuing based for a year or longer due to injury or illness (with an exception for work up to $1,180 per month). If you think that you might be able to work, you should attempt to do so. The Social Security rules incentivize attempting to return to work. If you later lose your job or leave work as a result of your medical condition, it will not be held against you.

The second question to ask yourself is whether you have been diligent in receiving medical treatment. In order to improve your chances of being approved for Social Security disability benefits, you must be actively treating your injury or illness. This should generally include seeing both a primary care physician and specialists, as necessary. If you don’t have health insurance, you should look into free or low-cost options, such as Medicaid.

If you haven’t received medical treatment for your condition, it will be difficult to be approved for Social Security disability benefits. Before you contact an experienced Social Security disability lawyer, be sure that you are working with a doctor or other medical professional to get help for your injury or illness. This will help to demonstrate the extent of your disability and will serve as proof of the severity of your condition.

Even with a knowledgable Social Security disability lawyer, the application process can take up to two years. Asking yourself these questions — and taking the time to do what is necessary to prepare before contacting an attorney — can help you avoid frustration during the process. Instead of having to backtrack and start from scratch, you’ll be prepared to move forward with your application, saving you time and unnecessary delays.

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