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Working While Receiving SSDI: Get the Facts from an Experienced Attorney

Working While Receiving SSDI: Get the Facts from an Experienced Attorney

Working While Receiving SSDI: Get the Facts from an Experienced Attorney

Even while part-time work is authorized for both applicants and beneficiaries of Social Security Disability Insurance payments, it may not always be beneficial. An experienced social security disability attorney can assist you in determining if you should continue to work part-time while applying for or receiving SSDI payments. Contact PLBSH at (800) 435-7542 for assistance.

While applying for SSDI, you can work part-time

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits may be a time-consuming and complicated procedure that takes into consideration various criteria. Applicants are required to demonstrate to either a federal or state judge hearing their case that they lack the ability to conduct work at a higher level than that which is required by the job description.

Theoretically, this means that an applicant should be able to work part-time while still qualifying for government assistance payments. Many of the individuals who are entrusted with judging these claims, on the other hand, frequently see any employment as evidence that a person is not truly handicapped.

If you are currently employed, even on a part-time basis, the adjudicator may determine that you are capable of working longer hours, maybe with the assistance of accommodations or in a less physically demanding position. As a result, it may not be a good idea to seek part-time job while filing for SSDI benefits. Consult with your social security disability attorney to establish whether your part-time job might result in a denial of your claim for disability benefits.

When receiving SSDI, can you work part-time?

It is possible that you will want to supplement your income with part-time work once you have been accepted for disability payments. Work-related benefits are actually encouraged by the Social Security Administration, which offers programs such as the Ticket to Work program.

As long as beneficiaries earn less than the monthly maximum earning amount (shown below), they will be able to keep their benefits. In light of the possibility that the Social Security Administration will change these programs in the future and limit the amount of earnings that a person receiving disability benefits can earn, it is critical to consult with your disability benefits attorney to ensure that your part-time work is compliant with current law and policies.

Earnings cap on a monthly basis

Whether you are seeking for SSDI payments or already receive them, the Social Security Administration has set a limit on your income for “substantial gainful activity” that you must meet (SGA. It is possible to obtain the most recent amount by visiting the Social Security Administration’s website. It may be preferable for candidates to work part-time while waiting to be authorized for benefits, as mentioned above, in order to avoid being penalized.

Getting in touch with a Social Security disability benefits attorney is the best plan of action if you want to learn more about how part-time work may affect your application for or continuation of benefits. You can do so by calling PLBSH at (800) 435-7542.

For anyone interested in learning more about SSDI, PLBSH is available to assist you. Our attorneys have extensive expertise in the subject of social security disability benefits, and they can assist you with your application and subsequent benefits payments. Please contact our o

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