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Yes, There Are Differences Between SSI and SSDI: Learn What They Are and Which You Might Qualify For

Yes, There Are Differences Between SSI and SSDI: Learn What They Are and Which You Might Qualify For

Yes, There Are Differences Between SSI and SSDI: Learn What They Are and Which You Might Qualify For

Throughout California, SSI and SSDI disability payments are available for you, as a disabled person, to get the money you need to live and work (if feasible) every day. These benefit systems both pay cash, but their financial eligibility requirements for getting that compensation differ substantially

Your Social Security disability attorney will explain that the primary distinction between SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) is that SSDI benefits are only available to you if you have accrued enough work credits over the years to be regarded as “insured” for the program.

In contrast, lower-income people who may never have worked or who lack the necessary number of work credits to be eligible for SSDI payments are granted SSI disability benefits. Keep reading to learn more. If you have questions about whether you qualify for SSDI or you need a free legal consultation, contact PLBSH at (800) 435-7542.

There Are a Few Further Notable Distinctions Between SSI And SSDI Compensation

SSDI benefits are typically larger than SSI benefits. Of course, it depends on your circumstances, but in 2022, SSDI payouts were about $1,358, while SSI payments were only on average about $586 per month.

If you are disabled, SSI payments can only begin as early as the first full month after you file your claim. SSDI may provide benefits for a period of time before you applied. Nonetheless, SSDI benefits may have been paid in full up to a year in advance of your application.

Typically, SSDI acceptance rates are greater than SSI. If you qualify for SSDI benefits, you might be able to get more medical care than people who qualify for SSI benefits. Also, if you have a lengthy employment history, the court will likely view you as more credible than if you don’t.

You must remember that many disabled persons don’t distinguish between SSDI and SSI benefits. Those are actually two whole different government programs.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) Will Establish Your Medical Eligibility for Disability Benefits

You, your skilled Security disability attorney, and their staff will evaluate and select the program to apply for and sort out the important distinctions between the two programs. They will be of immeasurable value to you and will ensure that you receive the benefits you need and justly merit.

What Can I Do to Increase My Odds of Getting SSDI or SSI Benefits?

First and most importantly, never try negotiating this difficult legal application process yourself. Consultation with a professional, thorough, experienced California Social Security Disability lawyer is vital to your success.

Even though this application process may seem difficult and demanding, your legal team will be aware of exactly what has to be done and how to achieve it. Much paperwork must be submitted and completed correctly when applying for Social Security Disability payments; otherwise, your case risked being delayed or outright rejected.

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