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You Might Be Eligible to Appeal an SSDI Denial: Learn How a Disability Attorney Can Help

You Might Be Eligible to Appeal an SSDI Denial: Learn How a Disability Attorney Can Help

You Might Be Eligible to Appeal an SSDI Denial: Learn How a Disability Attorney Can Help

Contact a Social Security disability attorney who can assist you in preparing for an appeal hearing if your initial claim for benefits is rejected. During a hearing, an administrative law judge who was not involved in the first judgment will review your claim. Keep reading to learn more about the Social Security appeal process and then contact PLBSH at (800) 435-7542 for a free legal consultation.

Appeals Are Common

At present, more than 1,500 administrative law judges review more than 500,000 appeals annually. When a hearing date is assigned to you, your attorney will go over the process and what to anticipate. Here are some fundamental recommendations for the hearing.

Dress formally. Do not appear too casual, but do not dress too formally either. Your appearance should convey modesty, humility, and sincerity. Further advice regarding your appearance could come from your attorney.

Be on time. Unless your attorney advises you otherwise, you should show up at the hearing about a half-hour early. That provides you enough time to find parking, find the hearing room, and have a quick consultation with your attorney before the hearing begins.

Your situation should remain private. Only your attorney should be consulted about the situation. Do not discuss it online in any way. Your statements could be interpreted incorrectly and used against you if someone with connections to the SSA discovers something you put online.

Turn off your phone before entering the hearing room and refrain from bringing food or drinks with you.

What Takes Place During an Appeal Hearing?

An administrative law judge clarifies the issues in your case at the appeal hearing and has the right to question you and any witnesses you present. The judge may also call additional witnesses, such as a medical or employment expert, to the hearing.

Questions will be asked of you and any additional witnesses after an oath or affirmation. Your counsel will be permitted to question witnesses, and the SSA will record the session. Following the hearing, the administrative law judge will send you a copy of their written ruling by mail from the Social Security Administration.

What Happens If Your Appeal Is Rejected?

You have sixty days to ask the Social Security Appeals Council to reconsider the administrative law judge’s denial of your request for disability benefits. If it concludes that the judge at your hearing correctly granted your request for Social Security Disability benefits, it will deny your request.

You may file a civil lawsuit in a federal district court if the Appeals Council declines to review your request. The appeals procedure ends at this stage.

How Long Does the Appeals Process Take?

Having a California disability attorney fight for you greatly increases the likelihood that you will be accepted for Social Security Disability benefits if you are disabled and are unable to work as a result of your disability. Your lawyer will vigorously pursue the Social Security Disability benefits you require and deserve on your behalf while defending your rights. That will, however, take some time.

The complete process will certainly take more than a year if there is an appeal hearing and a subsequent review by the Appeals Council.

You may be eligible for SSD benefits if your impairment prevents you from working. Calling right away will allow you to set up a free initial appointment with a lawyer who can assist you in determining the benefits to which you are entitled and in obtaining those benefits: PLBSH at (800) 435-7542.

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